Sometimes, lawsuits are necessary. When somebody has caused you to suffer a personal injury or caused the death of a loved one, when somebody has taken more or given less than what was bargained for, when you have been deprived of what is fair, contact the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd. You may have rights under the law or under contract, and the other party may have violated those rights. If so, you should consider legal action as soon as possible. 


Over the course of his career as a Maine attorney, Dylan Boyd has represented clients, both plaintiffs and defendants, in a variety of civil actions including personal injury, wrongful death, contract disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, homeowner-contractor disputes, unmarried cohabitant property disputes, small claims, and more. 


With regard to Maine personal injury and wrongful death cases, Dylan Boyd has the experience and skill to protect your interests and achieve a fair outcome either in settlement negotiations or, if necessary, in the courtroom. Our office will help you throughout the course of your case, including filing notice of your claim; helping you through your treatment and recovery; gathering evidence and documents; dealing with the insurance companies, treatment providers, and bill collectors; representing you in mediation and court proceedings; and more. Our office accepts a limited number of these cases so that we can provide the appropriate time and attention to each case. 


If you need a Maine lawyer for such a case, contact our office for a free initial consultation. 


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