Assault and Domestic Violence Assault

There are often two sides to the story, particularly in cases involving Assault and Domestic Violence (DV) Assault. The complaining party or alleged victim may have exaggerated the accusations or simply lied in the heat of the moment. The police may have failed to fully investigate to find the truth of the matter. Your actions may have been justified as self-defense or defense of others. It is important that you have a Maine defense attorney to represent you in such cases. 


Dylan Boyd has successfully represented clients charged with everything from serious felonies like Elevated Aggravated Assault to misdemeanors like DV Assault. He listens to his client's side of the story and carefully reviews the evidence gathered by police. In addition, he routinely employs a private investigator to gather evidence that the police may have missed and to interview any witnesses, including the alleged victim. These interviews may reveal new information, inconsistencies in a witness's statements, or a change in the alleged victim's attitude (e.g., alleged victim no longer wants to "press charges"). 


Charges of DV Assault sometimes intersect with other family law issues such as divorce cases, parental-rights-and-responsibilities cases, and protection-from-abuse cases. If you are facing such a dilemma, then call on the experience and knowledge of the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd.


Whatever sort of assault case you are dealing with, Dylan Boyd is the right Maine defense lawyer to have on your side. From case investigation and preparation to plea negotiation to jury trial and beyond, he can help you turn the page on this unfortunate chapter of your life. For more information about your case, call our office for a free initial consultation.


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