Other Driving Offenses

You may be charged with a driving offense other than Operating Under the Influence (OUI). For example, you may be charged with Operating After Suspension (OAS), Operating After Habitual Offender Revocation, Driving to Endanger (DTE), Criminal Speed (i.e., 30 mph or more over the limit), a commercial trucking violation, or a simple traffic infraction such as speeding. In any event, there could be significant consequences such as jail time, fines, license suspensions or revocations, and more. 


Defense attorney Dylan Boyd has extensive experience in all of these sorts of cases and can help you. He will analyze whether the police made any mistakes in the course of the traffic stop, whether the case was improperly charged, and whether there are any mitigating circumstances that call for a dismissal or a more lenient charge or penalty. In any case, he will position you for the best result possible.


If you are facing a driving charge that requires legal assistance, contact the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd for a free initial consultation. 


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