Parental Rights and Responsibilities

If you and the other parent of your child(ren) are not married but need the court to resolve your parenting dispute, then you need a parental-rights-and-responsibilities (PR&R) judgment, and the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd can help. 


These cases are about the best interest of your child(ren). Often, parents find themselves in court because, although they both love their child(ren), they disagree about what is in their best interest. Dylan Boyd will listen to your thoughts and concerns and provide you with excellent legal advice and advocacy throughout your PR&R case.


Over the course of his career as a Maine lawyer, Dylan Boyd has successfully represented clients in a wide variety of PR&R cases. He has dealt with almost every sort of issue that may arise in these cases, including interim orders (to control the situation while the case is pending final judgment), parental decision making, primary residence (i.e., where child(ren) live more than 50 percent of the time), child custody and visitation, child support, guardian ad litem (GAL) issues, counseling, relocation, and tax issues. He has also handled cases in which one of the parties resides in another state or country. Whatever the circumstances of your case, Dylan Boyd has the experience, knowledge, and skill to provide you with superior representation for the benefit of you and your child(ren). 


In all family matters, the courts in Maine urge the parties to negotiate, mediate, and try to reach a settlement agreement rather than engaging in expensive and contentious litigation. On one hand, Dylan Boyd recognizes the value in such compromise and, as a skilled negotiator, has accomplished many fair settlements on behalf of his clients--sparing them the financial and emotional costs of further litigation. On the other hand, he respects his clients' decisions not to settle when the other party is being unreasonable and uncompromising. In such cases, he has zealously advocated for his clients at trial and secured judgments in their favor.


If you need a Maine attorney for your PR&R case, contact the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd for a free initial consultation. 


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