Protection from Abuse and Harassment

If you need an order for protection from abuse (PFA) or protection from harassment (PFH)--known as restraining orders in other jursidictions--then you should have a great Maine lawyer on your side. The same applies if you are named as a defendant in a PFA or PFH case; you need a skilled attorney on your side. In either case, contact the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd for help.


The allegations in your case may or may not meet the legal definitions of abuse and harassmentDylan Boyd will analyze the facts and the law as it applies to your case and will develop an effective strategy to serve your best interests. He has successfully represented plaintiffs and defendants in PFA and PFH hearings before judges. He has also negotiated reasonable settlement agreements between the parties that provide some limits on their contact but do so without a court finding of abuse--known as "consent agreements." The right advice in these cases is informed not only by the PFA or PFH case itself but also by how the outcome of that case could affect other types of cases involved, such as parental-rights-and-responsibilities cases and criminal charges.


For more information about your particular PFA or PFH case, contact the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd for a free initial consultation.


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