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Drug Offenses

The Right Lawyer Makes a Difference

Drug crimes have significant consequences, including jail or prison sentences as well as fines. Even minor drug offenses can have unexpected consequences, such as making you ineligible for student loans. While the penalties of a drug conviction in state court can be harsh, the penalties in federal court are usually even harsher. But the right Maine defense lawyer can help defend you, your rights, and your well-being. 

Our defense lawyers have effectively represented clients in cases ranging from civil violations to the most serious charges of drug trafficking in state and federal court. You can be confident that our lawyers will zealously defend you and serve your best interests.

We will customize a legal strategy based on the particular circumstances of you and your case. In some cases, there may be legal issues that can be leveraged to your advantage in plea negotiations or that can result in the suppression of evidence or a not guilty verdict after trial. For example, maybe the police performed an unconstitutional search or maybe there is insufficient evidence to support the charge. In other cases, there may be mitigating circumstances that demand an outcome more focused on rehabilitation than on retribution or punishment. For example, many people end up charged with drug offenses because they suffer from a powerful drug addiction. We will not only effectively present that side of the story to the prosecution and the court; we will also guide you to counseling and rehabilitation services that will help you recover from addiction and reclaim your life. 

At the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd, our defense attorneys, based in Portland, always work to ensure our clients get the best outcome possible in drug cases. If you have questions about your particular drug offense or want to know how we will work hard to defend you, contact us at (207) 536-7147 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Drug Crimes in Maine

Drug crimes refer to a broad category of acts involving illegal drugs. They include the use, possession, manufacturing, and distribution of unlawful controlled substances as well as unauthorized prescriptions and drug paraphernalia.

A range of penalties is available to the court when sentencing drug offenders, including imprisonment, probation, and fines. Often, there are "mandatory minimum" penalties that the judge must impose on convictions for drug offenses. When sentencing for a drug crime, the court usually takes into account:

  • The type and amount of drugs involved;
  • Whether possession was for personal use or distribution; and
  • The offender's previous convictions.

If it is a federal drug charge, then there are complex sentencing guidelines involved in determining the sentence. 

A conviction for a drug crime can have serious, long-lasting consequences. Aside from the sentence imposed, the conviction itself can negatively impact your ability to find work, maintain personal relationships, hold a driver's license, secure a loan, enlist in the military, or own a gun. 

For these reasons, if you have been charged with a drug crime, you should immediately speak to a drug crime defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd.

How Our Defense Attorneys in Portland Can Help

Even minor drug offenses can involve harsh penalties and affect your future. Every case is different, and the law applicable to drug crimes can be complex and can involve both state and federal authorities. It important to find a defense lawyer with the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to design and execute the best legal strategy for your particular case. 

At the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd, our defense lawyers will explain the process, your rights, and any defenses available to you to fight the charges. They will also advocate on your behalf when negotiating with the prosecution or representing you in court. 

Contact a Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer 

A lawyer experienced in defending drug crimes can minimize the potential effects of a drug conviction or even prevent a conviction in the first place. Speak with our defense attorneys in Portland, Maine, if you or someone you love is facing drug charges. Get started by contacting us to schedule a consultation.

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