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Post-Judgment Motions

Is Your Existing Court Order Working?

You may be struggling with circumstances that require a court to modify or enforce an existing order or judgment. In such cases, you will benefit from the advice and advocacy of an experienced Maine family law attorney.

Court orders dealing with parental rights and responsibilities (child custody and visitation), child support, and spousal support may be modified. Such orders are not static and are not intended to be, recognizing that circumstances will change over time.

These orders can be modified, but there are rules that must be followed and requirements that must be satisfied. At the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd, our family law attorneys will guide you through this legal process and craft legal strategies to achieve the changes you want to happen--or the changes you want to prevent from happening. 

Choosing the Right Lawyer

Our family law attorneys have extensive experience in all types of post-judgment matters, including motions to modify, motions to enforce, motions for contempt, and stipulated amendments. Some cases may be resolved by negotiation and reasonable settlement agreements, while others may require a judge to resolve the dispute after a hearing. In any case, our lawyers will provide you with outstanding legal guidance and advocacy. 

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Modifying a court order regarding parental rights, child support, or spousal support requires the right legal strategy and sufficient evidence--or agreement by the parties. We, at the Law Offices of Dylan Boyd, will advise you of your best options, prepare the appropriate post-judgment motion, and steadfastly represent your interests. Complete the online form or call us at (207) 536-7147 today.

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