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The Right Mediator Can Help End Your Dispute

How Mediation Works

Our certified mediator, Dylan Boyd, fosters a confidential discussion that will help lead to resolution of the dispute between the parties. He acts as a neutral third party during mediation, which is a form of "alternative dispute resolution." He does not take sides, make decisions, or give legal advice. Rather, he helps the parties listen to and talk to each other, to gain a better understanding of the situation and their different perspectives. He seeks to create an opportunity for the parties to step back, to listen, to be heard, and to hopefully gain some new insights and ideas on how to move on from their dispute. However, as an attorney with over a decade of experience, Attorney Boyd also has the legal knowledge and skill to help the parties explore possible resolutions they may not have considered. He can also assist in preparing settlement agreements and related documents.
Typically, the mediation begins with each party getting an uninterrupted time to explain their thoughts about the dispute. This may happen in a joint session, with the parties together along with their lawyers, or it may happen in separate sessions, where the mediator will listen to each of the parties separately and then act as an intermediary or a go-between. From there, the mediation proceeds to allow the parties to work through their dispute.

We can host mediations at our offices in Portland, Maine, or by video teleconferencing (Zoom).

Parties to mediation are allowed to have an attorney represent them throughout the process. Although not required, it is very beneficial to the parties and the process. The attorney can play an active role by speaking on behalf of their client, presenting evidence to the mediator, and negotiating with the attorney for the other side. 

As a certified mediator, Dylan Boyd will guide you through the mediation process to give you and the other side the best chance possible of resolving your dispute on acceptable terms. Contact us today to learn more.

Family Law Mediations

Whether it is amicable or not, family law cases in Maine are hard. Litigation makes it harder. But mediation can be the key to a more civil, more efficient resolution--one that allows you to move on with your life sooner than a trial would. That is not to say, however, that mediation in Maine is easy. It is just more efficient and allows you, rather than a judge, to determine--through negotiation and compromise--decisions that will affect you and, perhaps, your child(ren). 

For many people, mediation is a preferred method as it is typically less expensive than litigation and offers more space to provide their say-so in the final agreement. However, in most situations, the final agreement must be reviewed and approved by the court. 

Obtaining approval from a judge is generally a simple process. Most judges will not dispute the parties' agreement as long as it is legal and appears fair. 

Benefits of Mediation

There are many benefits to mediation in a legal dispute:

  • Mediation can help you navigate the issues. Even when it is emotionally hard to do so, a mediator can help move the negotiations along and keep you on track.
  • Mediation allows you to better control the outcome. You and the other side can determine what the agreement says and does as opposed to a judge doing it for you. 
  • Mediation saves you money. Though you will still likely have to pay the costs of mediation, those costs do not compare to what the costs of litigation would involve. 
  • Mediation saves you time. Mediation tends to resolve your dispute faster than litigation. 
  • Mediation lets you start fresh without bitterness. Mediation is a way to negotiate in a setting where you can be both frank and civil with the other side. By trying to minimize bitterness, you can start your post-dispute life on a more positive note.

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As an experienced attorney and certified mediator, Dylan Boyd can help you obtain a fair and just outcome through the most effective and efficient means possible. Mediation works well in many scenarios, including family law disputes. Contact us by filling out the online form or calling us at (207) 536-7147 to schedule a consultation. 

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