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Other Driving Offenses

Dealing With Your Driving Charge

We can defend you and protect your interests as you deal with a driving offense. We can help with whatever charge you are facing, including Operating After Suspension (OAS), Operating After Revocation (OAR), Driving to Endanger (DTE), Reckless Conduct, Criminal Speed (i.e., 30 mph or more over the limit), a commercial trucking violation, or a simple traffic infraction such as speeding. In any event, there could be significant consequences such as jail time, fines, license suspensions or revocations, and more. 

Our experienced and qualified defense lawyers will know how to handle your particular case. Our attorneys will analyze whether the police made any mistakes in the course of the traffic stop, whether the case was improperly charged, and whether there are any mitigating circumstances that call for a dismissal or a more lenient charge or penalty. In any case, we will position you for the best result possible.

These violations can cause real problems for people. To make sure you minimize or avoid the consequences of a driving offense, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Criminal Driving Offenses

Needless to say, criminal driving offenses are more serious than civil violations or traffic infractions. They can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the relevant laws and circumstances. For example, you may be charged with a felony if you have certain prior convictions or if the conduct resulted in injury or death. 

(Please continue to explore our website for information about Operating Under the Influence (OUI), in particular.)

Common examples of other criminal driving offenses include:

  • Criminal Speed (30 mph or more over the speed limit);
  • Operating Without a License;
  • Operating After Suspension (OAS);
  • Operating After Revocation (OAR);
  • Operating Beyond License Restriction; and
  • Reckless Conduct.

Potential penalties for traffic crimes include but are not limited to imprisonment, probation, fines, driver education, and increased insurance requirements (SR-22 insurance). You are more likely to face imprisonment if you are charged with a felony or have a history of similar convictions. Importantly, a conviction for a traffic crime can also result in the suspension or loss of your license for a significant period of time. It is important that you speak to a qualified attorney to understand the potential consequences you are facing in your particular case and to understand the legal strategies available to you to avoid or mitigate those consequences. We can help.

Civil Traffic Violations

Traffic infractions or violations in Maine are civil in nature, not criminal, meaning there is no risk of imprisonment. If you commit a traffic infraction, you are usually issued a ticket. You have the option to pay the fine or contest the ticket and have a hearing on a designated day at traffic court. 

The penalties for a traffic infraction may include fines, driver education, and demerit points on your license. Accumulating demerit points can increase the cost of car insurance and eventually result in a license suspension, if you accumulate the requisite number of points. 

Common examples of traffic infractions include:

  • Speeding;
  • Using a mobile phone while driving;
  • Failing to stop or signal;
  • Following too close to another vehicle;
  • Failing to wear a seatbelt;
  • Disobeying a road sign; and
  • Driving without insurance.

The majority of traffic infractions are "strict liability" offenses, meaning that the prosecution does not need to prove any criminal intent, only that the violation occurred. This means you are liable even if, for example, you did not realize that you were driving over the speed limit. 

However, in many cases, our attorneys are able to put our clients in the best position possible and negotiate outcomes that avoid or reduce the traffic ticket. For example, we commonly negotiate "filing" agreements, whereby the traffic ticket will be dismissed after six months, if the client does not get any new traffic tickets during that time. 

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