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  • negotiated dismissal of Domestic Violence Assault

    January 2024

    Our client was alleged to have punched her boyfriend in front of police during an argument. However, after further investigation, Dan Wentworth provided text messages to the prosecutor to show the controlling, abusive behavior of the alleged “victim.” The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case after receiving proof that our client was in counseling. Read On

  • won an OUI trial

    January 2024

    Conor Todd won a jury trial, securing a verdict of not guilty to a charge of Operating Under the Influence (OUI), where his client was found behind the wheel of a car. His client avoided jail, a license suspension, fines, and a criminal conviction.  Read On

  • negotiated lesser charges

    November 2023

    Our client was charged with Domestic Violence Assault, Obstructing Report of a Crime, and Criminal Restraint.  After further investigation and a thorough review of the prosecution's evidence, Dan Wentworth demonstrated that our client was the victim, not the assailant. The prosecution dismissed the original, more serious charges in exchange for a guilty plea to Criminal Mischief. Read On

  • drug OUI dismissed per "filing agreement"

    November 2023

    Our client was charged with an OUI where a "drug recognition expert" believed the client to be under the influence of drugs. However, after further investigation into the client’s medical history, Dan Wentworth and Dylan Boyd were able to negotiate a "filing agreement" whereby the case would be dismissed after one year. Read On

  • rape case dismissed

    November 2023

    Conor Todd secured a pre-trial dismissal of a four-count indictment charging Gross Sexual Assault (Class A felony), Gross Sexual Assault (Class B felony), Gross Sexual Assault (Class C felony), and Unlawful Sexual Contact (Class D misdemeanor). As a result, his client avoided criminal conviction and the potential of years of prison time. Read On

  • criminal speed and driving to endanger dismissed

    November 2023

    Our client was alleged to have been driving at an excessive speed with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.07, just under the legal limit (0.08). He was charged with Criminal Speed and Driving to Endanger. However, we negotiated the dismissal of the criminal charges in lieu of a civil speeding ticket with a $278 fine. Read On

  • pretrial dismissal in drug trafficking case

    October 2023

    Our client was charged with Aggravated Trafficking of Scheduled Drugs and was facing a mandatory-minimum four years in prison if convicted. However, Dan Wentworth moved to exclude a key prosecution witness, and the Court granted the motion. The prosecution dismissed the case the next day. Read On

  • negotiated dismissal

    October 2023

    Our client was charged with Domestic Violence Assault, alleged to have been committed against his grandson. However, after further investigation, Dan Wentworth identified problems in the prosecution's case and negotiated the dismissal of the case. Read On

  • successfully defended parental rights case on appeal

    October 2023

    After we won a parental-rights-and-responsibilities trial, the other party appealed. However, we successfully defended the case, with the appeals court ruling in our favor. In addition, after filing the appropriate motions, the opposing party conceded to pay our attorney’s fees for the appeal. Read On

  • won a "bench trial"

    September 2023

    Our client was charged with a felony for allegedly violating the sex offender registry. The client elected to have a trial before a judge rather than a jury (a "bench trial"). Dan Wentworth objected to key pieces of evidence the prosecution attempted to introduce. In the midst of the trial, the prosecutor dismissed the case. Read On

  • negotiated dismissal of felony assault through "deferred disposition"

    September 2023

    Our client was alleged to have stabbed her boyfriend in the stomach and was charged with Aggravated Assault, a felony.  However, Dan Wentworth was able to negotiate a “deferred disposition,”  whereby the felony charge would be dismissed in lieu of a misdemeanor charge of Reckless Conduct, provided the client followed certain conditions for a period of time.  Read On

  • pretrial dismissal of Domestic Violence Assault

    August 2023

    Our client was alleged to have assaulted her husband.  However, Dan Wentworth presented further evidence to the prosecution that shed doubt on the husband’s original statement, and the case was dismissed. Read On

  • success for one client with three cases: PFA, criminal charge, and divorce

    July 2023

    The client's soon-to-be ex-wife reported him to the police, alleging domestic violence. She also filed a protection-from-abuse (PFA) case against him and filed for divorce. With our help, the PFA case was dismissed; the criminal case was dismissed, following successful "deferred disposition"; and we negotiated a fair and reasonable settlement in the divorce case.  Read On

  • felony reckless conduct driving charge dismissed

    July 2023

    After a motor vehicle accident with property damage, our client was charged with Reckless Conduct with a Dangerous Weapon (a Class C felony) and Driving to Endanger (a misdemeanor). However, we negotiated the dismissal of those charges, leading to our client getting a conviction for only Disorderly Conduct (a misdemeanor) with a sentence of an "unconditional discharge" (no jail, no probation, no fines, no license suspension). Read On

  • avoided prison sentence in federal drug case

    June 2023

    Our client was charged in federal court with possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs. After pleading guilty, we had a contested sentencing hearing. The sentencing guidelines called for her to go to prison for forty-one to fifty-one months. However, we persuaded the sentencing judge to keep her out of prison and put her on probation instead.  Read On

  • OUI case dismissed, despite 0.32 BAC

    May 2023

    Conor Todd got his client’s Operating Under the Influence (OUI) charge dismissed as a result of a motion to suppress, despite an alleged blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.32.  Read On

  • negotiated release from custody and great plea deal

    April 2023

    Our client was charged with Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs, and had already been in jail awaiting trial for nearly four years when Dan Wentworth took over the case.  The prosecution originally wanted a sentence of eight years in prison. However, Attorney Wentworth negotiated a deal whereby our client would be released almost immediately. Read On

  • felony domestic violence assault dismissed

    April 2023

    As a result of Dan Wentworth's representation, the prosecutor dismissed the felony Domestic Violence Assault charge against our client, and the client was sentenced to time served on a different probation violation. Read On

  • won a parental-rights-and-responsibilities hearing

    March 2023

    Our client and the other party were parents of a very young child. The case was highly contentious. Our client sought to relocate with the child to a different part of the state. After a two-day trial, the court ruled in our favor, granting primary residence to our client with the ability to relocate in addition to ordering child support and payment of our attorney's fees.  Read On

  • criminal speed dismissed, civil speeding ticket instead

    February 2023

    Our client was charged with Criminal Speed, based on allegations that he was driving 71 mph in a 35 mph zone--on a provisional license with underage passengers. However, the criminal case was dismissed, and instead, our client accepted a civil speeding ticket for a $450 fine and a thirty-day suspension based on his provisional status.  Read On

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