Drug Offenses

If you are charged with a drug offense, such as Unlawful Possession of Drugs of Unlawful Trafficking in Drugs, then you need a qualified Maine defense attorney on your side. Dylan Boyd has the experience and legal skill needed to deal with your drug charge in the best way possible.


Drug-related crimes have significant consequences, including jail or prison sentences as well as fines. Even minor drug offenses can have unexpected consequences, such as making you ineligible for student loans. While the penalties of a drug conviction in state court can be harsh, the penalties in federal court are usually even harsher. But the right Maine defense lawyer can help defend you, your rights, and your well-being. 


The Law Offices of Dylan Boyd has effectively represented clients in cases ranging from civil violations for possession of marijuana to the most serious charges of drug trafficking in state and federal court. You can be confident that Dylan Boyd will zealously defend you and serve your best interests.


Dylan Boyd will customize a legal strategy based on the particular circumstances of your case. In some cases, there may be legal issues that can be leveraged to your advantage in plea negotiations or that can result in the suppression of evidence or a not guilty verdict after trial. For example, maybe the police performed an unconstitutional search or maybe there is insufficient evidence to support the charge. In other cases, there may be mitigating circumstances that demand an outcome more focused on rehabilitation than on retribution or punishment. For example, many people end up charged with drug offenses because they suffer from a powerful drug addiction. Dylan Boyd will not only effectively present that side of the story to the prosecution and the court; he will also guide you to counseling and rehabilitation services that will help you recover from addiction and reclaim your life. 


To discuss your particular case, call our office for a free initial consultation. 


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